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Which expectations do you have towards your quality management system?

It is supposed to provide valid and up-to-date process standards?
It is supposed to integrate and engage the employees?
It is supposed to be a tool for organization and knowledge?

  • We are sharing these expectations with you and call them the "3A" of a management system:

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Expectations towards modern quality management

Contents of a QM systems are supposed to be up-to-date to be respected as source of know-how by the employees. Since increased gain of know-how the revision cycles to update know-how should be more frequent.

Qualitäts-Wiki supports your teams with easy text and design editors and an efficient approval workflow for fast content editing.

Younger generations expect more interaction and collaboration. These digital natives want to work and communicate in the office the way they do outside the office. Functionalities like networking, comments, eLearning and chat should be part of the QM system to make it attractive to younger employees.

Qualitäts-Wiki features many social media functionalities in the context of business use cases to be attractive for the future workforce.

To bring a new tool in to productivity, it needs to be explained and understood in detail. Role-based trainings are one way to transfer understanding of quality management and it's roles. Further aspects are exclusive contents and attractive ways of participation (see above).

Qualitäts-Wiki are the most accepted QM systems of today. With our vitality index we can measure the level of acceptance.

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Operating mode of Qualitäts-Wiki

Qualitäts-Wiki activates the potentials of your workforce by direct participation

simple and practical process management empowers each employee for process improvements

individual design and notation standards can be set via templates

from the CEO-Blog to ideas of improvement – contributing is easy in Qualitäts-Wiki

consolidate implicit and explicit knowledge on one platform and link it with your process descriptions for more effectiveness

quality and process indicator kann be described and documented in Qualitäts-Wiki, even integrate your measuring results

periodic processes (e.g. audit process) can not only be documented but via workflows automated with Qualitäts-Wiki

Benefit from Qualitäts-Wiki

reduction of search time for knowledge workers up to 25% (McKinsey Global Institut, 2012)

reduction of administrative effort for quality representatives up to 75% compared to classic QM manuals in paper format

increased skill training process for new employees, replacement and job rotation

all company standards like policy, directives, rules, templates and processes on one platform

make implicit know-how on a platform available and link it to business processes

Qualitäts-Wiki supports all devices, multilingualism and mobile access

Wiki for QM is rated best practice by leading certification organizations