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What is Qualitäts-Coaching?

  • Our self-perception is more of a doer than a consultant for our clients
  • We translate ISO standards in lean business processes which we implement in a collaborative way ("socialQM")
  • We coach our client's organization to an applied (quality) management system, adding value and improvements instead of effort and resistance
  • We support the complete lifecycle of your QM system
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What can you expect from Qualitäts-Coaching?

  • 100% individualized QM system: Qualitäts-Wiki is the "tailor-made QM suit(e)" for your organization
  • Acceptance of QM system by employees: from unpopular QM duty to useful knowledge portal with simple collaboration features
  • Benefit from system instead of administration: while your quality representative used to govern the quality manual, with Qualitäts-Wiki there is time to attend more important quality topics
  • Our values: reliability (100% successful certifications), experience (1.200+ project days) und competence (premium partner of TÜV Süd)
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Which services can you obtain?

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Precise demand analysis instead of predefined solutions

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Systematic QM build-up, tailored QM operation and targeted QM enhancements

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Realization of QM system, use cases (idea mgmt., audits, approvals) and results (indicator, know-how, analysis) linked on 1 platform.

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Cost-efficient project realization:

in the age of the forth industrial revolution we provide more and more services as digital project

Our unique selling proposition

"We master ISO, processes and Confluence."

This means for you: practical quality and process management powered by professional Wiki technology.
This way QM works.
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